I killed Adam in eight counts

.a lifeless sinner

.judged by himself and accused by others

.guilty of having being and having doing

A (self) portrait and biographical exploration where the past shakes the present to create an essence of change in shaping the human state. Bloody guilt resides in an action and its affect on today will be felt through body and mind. This rebellion against normality has its consequence expressed through an opposed conscience.

This short novel communicates in a multi lingual nature to reflect the hero of nobody and of nothing who fights against his own immoral action of yesterday.

He is a son of a man,

A scared minor,

A traumatized veteran,

A depleted gentleman.

Life sees a mutual daily pursuit of forgiveness in order to remove all disturbing memories which redeems any kind of past.

An inscription with no title nor address is all which is left.


concept, choreography, performance: Emanuele Rosa

video: Sohrab Najafi

supported by: Deos _ Danse Ensemble Opera Studio, Teatro Carlo Felice, Genova (IT)

thanks to: Maria Focaraccio, William John Banks

awards and recognition: 2nd prize at Contemporary Choreographic Contest Principi Attivi, guest at

SOLOCOREOGRAFICO, dance Showcase and Award 2017 and selected creation for Festival Sumar, Cordoba (Argentina)