Hell Sweet Hell

.three characters in an abstract space

.three identities under the same condition of perpetual restlessness

.never ending sentence of three sinners

.guilty of having been and having done

Loosely inspired by “No Exit” (Huis Clos) by Jean Paul Sartre, Hell Sweet Hell is a performance that stages three characters who are forced to spend their eternity together and learn how to coexist within a closed aseptic space. The three performers share the same condition of perpetual restlessness, searching in vain for silence, respect and distance from their situation. Sometimes they regroup to bear loneliness, some others they plot attack and defense teams: “the other one” is seen as a shield or a weapon.

Hell Sweet Hell aims to question time as a linear direction and, differently from other living beings, as something that only humans can feel, perceive and suffer. Moreover, it focuses on the topics of sin and evil, of coexisting in a limited space and relating with “the other”. 

How far do we dare to go? How long can we bear eternity?

Hell is other people - Jean Paul Sartre


concept: Emanuele Rosa, Maria Focaraccio

choreography: Emanuele Rosa

performance: Emanuele Rosa, Maria Focaraccio, Veronica Bracaccini

original music: Matresanch

supported by: Hacedor de Proyectos, Hospedería de Sádaba (ES), DEOS - Danse Ensemble Opera Studio (IT) e Teatro Carlo Felice, Genova (IT)

awards and recognition: finalist creation at Premio Equilibrio Roma 2018