[currently under production]

Stemming from the Hebrew word amen meaning "to be certain, to be true" amən explores notions of authenticity and appearance, and the blurred boundaries between education, culture and nature. The work navigates between drama and irony, examining identity, gender, and the complexities of masculinity and femininity within one body. Through movement, sound, and video, it invites reflection on gender representation and personal identity. 

Attempting to unmask the pluralities of masculinity and femininity, the work stands as a prayer and a journey within the self. Where do education and culture end? Where does one's nature begin?         


concept, choreography, performance: Emanuele Rosa, Maria Focaraccio
music: Johann Sebastian Bach
original music composition: Stella Sesto
costume design: Veronica Bracaccini

light and video design: Cristina Spelti
with the artistic support of: Armando Rossi, Sara Pennella

coproduction: C&C Company, S’ALA spazio per artist+
with the support of: Étape Danse - project supported by Fabrik Potsdam (DE), Bureau du Théâtre et de la Danse à Berlin (DE), La Briqueterie CDCN du Val-De-Marne (FR) and Mosaico Danza / Festival Interplay (IT), in partnership with Lavanderia a Vapore / Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo (IT) and Torinodanza Festival / Fondazione Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale (IT)
with the support of: MiC and SIAE, in the frame of “Per Chi Crea”
with the support of: Teatro Pubblico Pugliese (IT), Teatro Akropolis (IT), Teatro Comunale di Vicenza (IT), Find Festival (IT) in the frame of ResiDance 2023 - action of Network Anticorpi XL
with the support of: Hunt Cdc and Alloggiando Art Fest 2023 (IT)